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Conquering that hill!

I often joke that the world can be neatly divided into two groups of people:

  • Those that go head-down, bum-up the hill, and race to the top to get it over with 🥴; and

  • Those that take each step one-by-one, slowly but steadily reaching the top at their own pace 😴 (that would be me!)

But either way, facing a steep hill on a hike can be a daunting experience. So, we sat down (COVID-style) with Rowan from Summit Strength, to ask some questions about the best techniques for conquering that hill!

Have a listen to the full video, or use our timing guide below to jump ahead for a specific question.


  1. What techniques do you recommend for your clients to conquer a large hill on a hike? (0:54)

  2. Does a heavy backpack change your approach to a hill? And if so, how? (4:55)

  3. What value do you see in using hiking poles to get up a hill? (6:04)

  4. What are some pre-trip training tips people can do to ensure they are ready for a large hill? (08:54)

(p.s.: stick around until just after the 9-minute mark for a surprise guest appearance 🙋‍🙊)

If you're interested in learning more from Rowan, than head over to Summit Strength or have a listen to his "The Training for Trekking' podcast!

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