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How we are managing COVID19 on your tour!

I’m usually pretty jokey when I write these blog posts, but this is a very serious and sombre topic, so I’m going to be keeping it pretty practical today.

As we start up operations again, we are going to be making some big changes to the operation of all our tours, to ensure that we are following all the correct health advice when it comes to COVID19.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Not much is changing here. We’re already pretty strict when it comes to cleaning our group gear, because the last thing we want is someone getting sick in the bush.

What we are going to be doing now though is thoroughly cleaning between each hike any personal items borrowed, such as walking poles, raincoats, sleeping bags etc. You can be assured that anything touched by someone else will be thoroughly wiped down and disinfected before the next hikers hit the trail.

Good old Hans; he's a reliable fella'

During the tour, we will have ample hand sanitiser on deck, and will take extra care when preparing any food items. Sustainability is still super important to me, so I won’t be bringing in any single-use items on the hikes, but I will encourage everyone to use the provided tongs to serve their food, and carry their own mug (which I will provide) for the day, to avoid any cross-contamination.


I am a one-woman band, but I won’t be taking ANY chances in regards to my health, and your safety. In line with the NSW Government advice, I will get tested for COVID19 at the sign of any symptoms and will of course, not come on a tour if I am unwell in any way.

Likewise, I will ask all hikers to do the same. If you are booked on a tour, and you are feeling unwell and exhibiting any COVID19 symptoms, then I will happily offer you the chance to reschedule your tour to another date or receive a credit to be used towards another adventure.

Social Distancing

When on the track, I will ask everyone to maintain a safe 1.5m distance between one another. In our opinion, it’s actually a better way to hike anyways, spreading out and enjoying the bush, without having someone right on your heels.

Too close! We'll be asking you to spread out 1.5m on the track

Also, if you choose to use Freeland Hiking Co.’s private transport service, we will be using a large 12 seater van, to enable everyone the opportunity to spread out, and have a seat to themselves.

Group Sizes

In line with the current NSW Government restrictions, we have limited all our groups to a maximum of 9 hikers (plus me!).

Discussing the C-Word on the track

A little side-note, if you’re joining a tour, please try to keep your opinions to yourself. It’s hard to avoid talking about the crisis, because it’s such an integral part of our lives right now. But we encourage all of you to instead use this time to escape the madness for a moment, and simply enjoy the company of others.

We’re not exactly banning the C-word, but if we hear you saying it too many times, we might add some rocks to your pack as punishment 😜.

Finding isolation in nature!

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