Pack-free experience

There is a cheeky little saying amongst hikers, that some people have "all the gear, but no idea". Well, we're offering you the chance to say you have "NO-gear and ALL the idea!"

What's included?

Essentially, someone else will carry your heavy things, like tents, sleeping bags, clothes etc., leaving you to carry only the essentials; a water bottle, a jacket and other personal items such as hat, sunscreen and phone. Please note: you will not have access to your other gear during the day.

We ask that any 'pack-free' guests supply their own lightweight day pack, please.

So, who will carry your gear?

Another member of our friendly team. We'll bring along an extra guide, just to carry your items into camp, and out the next day!

How much does a 'pack-free' experience cost?

For each guest who wishes to use this service, there is a $250 charge. This is to cover the wages for the additional guide.

Please note: We're all about paying our guides fairly, and in accordance with legislation. As such, in order to cover costs, we have a minimum of 2 people to use the 'pack-free' service. If you are booking for less than 2 people, please contact us directly to discuss alternatives.

Does this mean I can bring more stuff?

Not really. Unfortunately (but really, fortunately) , due to the remote nature of our campsite, your gear still needs to be walked in. As such, we can't have you bringing along everything except the kitchen sink, because our poor guide would never be able to carry it all. Even if you book the pack-free walk, we ask that you follow our gear checklist please.

How do I book a 'pack-free' experience?

Super easy! When you make your booking, you'll be given a list of optional extras to add. Please choose the pack-free option, and voila!

What is a 'pack-free' experience?

On our multi-day walks, guests are required to carry a pack ranging from 10-16kg, depending on the tour. But we understand that this weight could be limiting for some people, daunting or even just uncomfortable and unwanted. That's why we've developed a pack-free option for our Ruined Castle Overnight Tour.

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