About Us

Freeland Hiking Co. is no ordinary tour company. Owned and managed by an experienced hiking guide, our tours have been thoughtfully crafted from start to finish. From the gear we provide and the safety equipment we use, to the meals we prepare and the knowledge we share - every detail has been carefully considered and refined to ensure that your experience is nothing short of outstanding! 



Exploration on Foot

We believe the best way to see a place is on foot. At this pace, you can look around and truly see the wonders of nature, exploring deeper into the bush where few others go. When you slow down, you start to appreciate the smaller things: the sound of the birds, the smell of the wildflowers, and the feel of the sun on your skin. 

Knowledge & Learning

A great tour starts with a great guide. With their extensive training, combined with their own personal passion, your guides will have enough knowledge to leave you dazzled. On every tour you will be entertained with tales, enlightened with facts and inspired by their own stories. Come and meet the team

Cultural Sensitivities

Australian Aboriginals have been custodians of this ancient landscape for thousands of years. On all our tours, we will acknowledge the traditional owners and pay our respects to the elders both past and present. Where culturally appropriate, you will also hear stories about Aboriginal customs and practices, learning about their incredible way of life as you walk in their footsteps. 

Minimal Impact

The beautiful destinations we explore are sacred and must be cherished. Freeland Hiking Co. is committed to diminishing harm to the environment, and our minimal impact practices are above and beyond industry standards. A personal passion of the business owner, we strive to become a zero-waste business across our entire operation.  

Safety and Comfort

Your safety is our number one priority, and we have extensive safety and emergency procedures. Every guide is first aid trained with all lead guides also skilled with wilderness first aid. On each tour, your guides will carry two, extensively stocked medical kits and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we're equipped with satellite phones so we can always call for help. 

Food on the trail

There is nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a hot drink on a crisp morning. We pride ourselves on our carefully crafted menu, which is full of fresh produce and wholesome ingredients. Each day on the trail, your guides will prepare three scrumptious meals that will provide you with all the nutrients needed to keep you moving.  See Food on the Trail for more information.


Our Tours

We proudly support the LGBTQ+ community. We also acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in particular, the Eora, Dharawal, Dharug and, Gundungurra Nations who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land upon which we walk.