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All these outdoor products are using recycled materials in their manufacturing!

Are you sitting around at home 'researching' your next adventure? If you're anything like me, you've probably ended up on an outdoor gear website, dreaming of some new kit to take out bush with you.

Now, here at Freeland Hiking Co. we're all about sustainability, so we don't support purchasing stuff just for the sake of it, but if you're going to buy something, then perhaps you can look for a green option. 💚

A lot of companies are jumping on board with rapidly advancing manufacturing technology, which means you can often find a recycled-material alternative for things such as sleeping bags, rain jackets and even eyewear. Here are some of our favourite options on the market right now:

Team Timbuktu's Recycled Tech Jacket

Not only is this jacket made from 48% recycled fabric it’s also exceptionally stylish. Even better, it’s run by a young female entrepreneur based in Aus. Not just corporate greenwashing, these guys (or should we say she) is the real deal, and we’re 100% on board!

Kathmandu’s Repreve Range

Turning recycled plastic bottles into polyester is old news, but Kathmandu deserves some applause here as they have been using this technology for over 30 years in their range of bags. Consider one of their items next time you’re on the hunt for a new backpack, you’ll be doing more than just yourself a favour.

Dresden Optics Recycled Sunglasses

You might not want to take your Ray-Bans into the bush for fear of scratching or breaking them. If you’re looking for a good hiking pair, then look no further than Dresden Optics. Using all sorts of post-consumer waste such as beer keg lids, granulated wood, discarded fishing nets and waste from the production of banknotes, they make stylish, lightweight and highly durable frames! Check out the full range here.

Mont Warmlite Sleeping Bags

These snuggly babies are made with a 100% recycled Hydronaute XT-R Shell and a 100% recycled silk-touch Nylon lining. But you won’t be compromising on comfort or warmth here, you’ll still be able to get a 3 or 4 season bag, that’s lightweight and of extremely high quality.

SeaWool Shirts

Made from recycled plastic and oyster shells, this revolutionary fabric is popular in flannels and lightweight layers. Check out Mountain Kahki for their range of men’s items made from this incredible circular economy fabric. Currently, SeaWool can’t be sourced in Australia, but we’re certain it’ll be crossing the oceans to us soon!

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