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Alternative overnight hikes in Sydney

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

So many people are looking to get outdoors 🌿 this long weekend, which is amazing to see! But when you take the new NSW Parks booking system, and then add in the multiple track closures from the bushfires, it seems like the options are dwindling faster than the chocolate chips you keep digging for in your trail mix.

Fear not, I’m here to help. I’ve done some research and listed below a few overnight hikes that’ll get you outdoors this weekend, and (unless you all choose to follow my advice), away from the crowds!

If you're heading out to a remote location, then make sure you're all over the "In and Out's of POOing in the Bush!"

Please note: despite not needing a booking for these campgrounds, it’s extremely important that you complete a trip intention form with NSW Parks and Wildlife. They are doing their absolute best to keep the parks open for everyone, so please play by the rules!

1. Glenbrook and the Blue Labyrinth | 13km

Euroka campground is unsurprisingly booked out for the weekend, but there are some fantastic remote-camping ⛺️ options available within this part of the National Park. There is a well-written blog by Hiking the World, that goes into great detail about one overnight option from Falconbridge to Glenbrook.

Bushwalking NSW also has some great trip notes on another hike around Erskine Creek, that has various campgrounds to choose from. It’s only 13km, so a very short 2-day hike, but a great chance to still get out bush this weekend.

2. The Great North Walk - Pindar Cave | 13km (one way)

Update: I have been informed that unfortunately there is track work this weekend (June 6th), meaning hikers cannot access Wondabyne Station to begin this hike. Perhaps this one is best saved for another day!

Have you ever heard of Pindar Cave? It’s an awesome sandstone overhang located in the Brisbane Water National Park. You’ll have to use public transport to complete this one, but it does mean you’ll get to visit the extremely unique Wondabyne Station, the only station in Australia with no road access!

Check out the Wild Walk track notes here and remember, log your trip with the NSW Parks and Wildlife.

Hawkesbury River. Image by maarjaara

3. Russells Needles - Nattai National Park | 30km (hard)

This one is for experienced hikers only, as it’s a hard and very remote walking through Nattai National Park. But if you’re up for the challenge, and looking for a solid overnight adventure, then have a read over some trip notes here and here to plan your hike.

You can set up camp right beside the Nattai River, and climb the impressive sandstone needle for sweeping valley views! 👌

This hike is pretty steep. Before you set out, have a quick listen to our chat with Rowan from Summit Strength about Conquering Hill's on a Hike!

Final notes

Before heading out, please ensure you are 100% prepared for the conditions (it’s going to be crisp ❄️), have a comprehensive first aid kit and PLB (hire a PLB for free) and I know I’ve said it so many times but Register. Your. Walk. With: NSW Parks and Wildlife! 🙃

If camping in the winter sounds more like torture than fun to you, then maybe you might be more interested in The Ultimate Day Hike in the Blue Mountains!

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